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The Ham Funeral Reviews


5th June 2017 – Lisa Thatcher
“Jenny Wu is the floating, exquisite animus.”
3rd June 2017 – The Sunday Telegraph Arts
“Jenny Wu is radiant as The Girl.”
24th May 2017 – Penny Spirou
The characters are engaging in their oddness, making this production a distinct one.”
22nd May 2017 – Ben Neutze
“…while Jenny Wu is a perfectly ethereal presence as the girl who lives across the corridor from the young man.”
22nd May 2017 – Lynne Lancaster
“Guided by his beautiful ghostly alter ego (Jenny Wu, in a luminous performance) the Young Man becomes caught up in Mrs Lusty’s attempts to seduce him.”
22nd May 2017 – Cassie Tongue
“Trailing the young man onstage is a figure who lives in his mind. She is called only The Girl (Jenny Wu), an apparition of a woman who is supposed, it seems, to guide the young man into his life’s true purpose. Wu is captivating…”
21st May 2017 – Bronwyn Fullerton
“Jenny Wu is gracious and almost ghost like as the young female lodger.”
20th May 2017 – Diana Simmonds
“This is a glorious production.”
20th May 2017
“Celebrated director, Kate Gaul (The Trouble with HarryGood With MapsMisterman) and a stellar cast of some of Australia’s boldest, bravest performers bring this eerie, black comedy to life for Griffin Independent at the SBW Stables Theatre.”
19th May 2017 – Suzy Wrong
“Gleefully infectious, the wonderful cast looks and feels to be made up of all those voted most likely to run off and join the circus. Idiosyncratic and profoundly eccentric, we are persuaded to relate to the show in a manner that is perhaps unusual for many.”