Jenny Wu Going Down Malthouse STC

Going Down

‘Going Down’ is a new Australian play by Michele Lee, dubbed as an Asian-Australian Sex and the City set in Melbourne. The story revolves around Natalie, a Hmong-Australian writer, who after the lukewarm reception of her semi-autobiographical sex-positive debut ‘Banana Girl’, aims to reboot her career with an even more sexually explicit memoir titled, ‘A Hundred Cocks in Hundred Nights’. Her rebellion against society insistence of migrant stories from identity writers of non-white background, and the success of her arch nemesis Lu Lu Jayadi, a younger and more successful writer, who capitalised on her family refugee stories, sends Natalie spiralling out of control. And onto a journey of self-discovery, where she reconnects with her refugee mother and migrant roots. Only through her career come down does she come to terms with her identity as both the daughter of a migrant and a modern Asian-Australian woman.

I had the wonderful pleasure of playing multiple characters from the award-winning writer Lu Lu Jayadi to a homeless lady to a Vietnamese man to a Hmong refugee Mother among others, in the world premier of this new Aussie comedy.

A Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company co-production. Written by Michele Lee. Directed by Leticia Cáceres.

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