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Going Down Reviews


19th May 2018
“…literary darling Lu Lu Jayard, is masterfully portrayed by Jenny Wu, who, like all protagonists of the evening, incarnates in a variety of roles, including some intentionally silly yet highly entertaining cameos.”
14th May 2018 – Cameron Woodhead
“Wu makes an infuriatingly calm and self-possessed foil for her… It’s rare to see such a nimble, fresh comic vision from a new Australian playwright, and this production does it justice.”
14th May 2018 – Asher Warren
“While one could quite simply enjoy Going Down for the joyous blend of its wit and slapstick, don’t be mistaken – there is depth behind the pom-pom earrings and yarn-bombed bollards.”
11th May 2018
“An outrageously funny new play about sex, literature and spiralling out of control…”
3rd May 2018 – Vaidehi Mahapatra
“…the true strength of this production is in its actors.”
21st April 2018 – Joy Hopwood
“Jenny Wu is also to be commended for her versatility in playing multiple roles that are distinctive – I loved watching her play Lu Lu Jayadi (Natalie’s arch-nemesis) to a poor homeless woman to Natalie’s mother.”
12th April – Jade Kops
“It is refreshing to see stories from non-white Australians on stage and to be reminded that there is more to them than just where they came from. For Asian Australians there is a definite relatability and Lee ensures the laughs aren’t centred on stereotypes, opting for universal experiences to garner the reactions whilst having race be a more subtle undertone, reminding us how similar we really are.”
5th April 2018 – Debbie Zhou
Jenny Wu chameleons as the naive, rather likeable Lu Lu, all the more convincingly when she embodies the too-fleeting character of Natalie’s mother. 
3rd April 2018 – Cassie Tongue
“Wu does sensitive, warm work here… This is a sharp script by a compelling new Australian voice, and is given the merry, thoughtful production of its dreams by Cáceres and cast.”
2nd April 2018 – John McCallum
“Jenny Wu, as Lu Lu and also Natalie’s mum, is sweetly subversive in both roles, as her characters deal with Natalie’s excesses.”
28th March 2018 – Suzy Wrong
“Director Leticia Cáceres has put together an inventive show, charming in its quirkiness. Her ability to infuse each moment of Going Down with layers of meaning, keeps us engaged, with both our instinctual and intellectual capacities.”