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Chimerica Reviews


13th March 2017 – Diana Simmonds
“Chimerica arrived in Sydney laden with expectation and glittering prizes. And this director, company and production have delivered a scintillating version of it.”
9th March 2017 – Tim Garratt
“Two of the most crucial roles in Chimerica are Zhang Lin as a young man (played by Charles Wu) and his fiancé, Liuli (Jenny Wu), and each performer is impeccable, helping the audience to appreciate the human toll of Tiananmen Square and its lasting scar on both the nation and the world.”
9th March 2017 – John McCallum
“This production is a triumph for everyone involved in it.”
7th March 2017 – Richard Cotter
“Visually and physically visceral, pertinent, provocative, and precise in its performances, and a crystalline view of the pitfalls of globalisation – the international clashing with the traditional, the differences in culture – Chimerica is a triumph of stage writing, stage craft and stage management. Every cast, crew and creative deserves the highest kudos.”
7th March 2017 – Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore
“The sheer size of this impromptu chorus produces a fissure of energy in a play already cinematic in scope”
7th March 2017 – Kat Czornij
“Chimerica grasps you right where it counts and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout its entire 3-hour duration. There’s not a moment that drags, a moment to be done without- everything is perfectly placed into this complex play.”
6th March 2017 – Ian Dickson
“Kip Williams’s production is quite simply breathtaking.”
6th March 2017 – Ben Neutze
“The entire cast is excellent”
5th March 2017 – Cassie Tongue
“The cast is tireless and uniformly excellent.”
4th March 2017 – Liz Giuffre
“An inspired production peppered with dark humour.”