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Scifi Fantasy Network – Jenny Wu, Dragons, Swords and Jackie Chan


Jay Johnstone of Scifi Fantasy Network was enthralled with pictures I posted on my social media. One of me and John Cusack on his last day shooting Dragon Blade, and another of me and Adrien Brody singing in the Gobi Desert. From there an interview was born where I discuss all things Chinawood. 

Late one night, whilst taking a much needed 2-minute intermission from painting, I was scanning through my freight train of social media and was drawn to a photo of an actor cuddled up to a petite girl with the caption “Snuggling up to Mr #JohnCusack in the #GobiDesert” … Well this I gotta find to more about.

It turns out that the beautiful young lady concerned is Jenny Wu, assistant director on the new Jackie Chan Movie, Dragon Blade, so I emailed her and asked if she fancied a chat … Read Article.